Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Ultimate Long Term Goal!
I hope everyone reading this keeps written goals. Tony Robbins and others have systems to help you decide what you really want out of life. I set the usual 5 year goal, one year goal, and I have daily goals that I set up each week. During the day I have flexible goals for the day, subject to change in an instant.
Most importantly, I have mini-goals as I work on whatever projects I have going at the time. I nearly always have a time value to these goals, and I adjust them as I go. It helps me get through the day efficiently.
As crucial as these goals are, they are not really the subject of this post. I have an ultimate long term goal that really helps me know where I'm going. I have shared this goal with others and they usually laugh. I'm serious about it, but laughing is very important to health so whether my ultimate goal strikes you as funny or worth adapting to your own, I hope it serves you well.
I'm told that man is genetically coded to live 120 years and then the cells just quit replicating themselves. I love life so my goal is to squeeze as much out of it as I can...until the last day.
On my 120th birthday, I want to wake up before the sun as I do most days. I plan to walk down to the jogging trail a few blocks from my house and run or bike two miles. I then intend to return home and wake my wife up proving to her I still love her and that I can.
After a nice breakfast, I'll read my paper (or whatever it is that we do at that time) check my bank account for new deposits that have been building up for some time from passive income sources.
I plan for a nice family get together around noon, to celebrate my 120th birthday. I figure it might have become a family tradition by now. As my grandchildren and great grandchildren begin to storm through our house, I'd like to take a little time with each of them to give some words of advice from an experienced old man.
I expect to stuff myself with a large meal of all our family favorites. Then I'd like to confront a cake large enough to feed Cox's army and blow out 120 little burning candles with one breath.
After cake and ice cream, I'd like to sit down in my rocking chair, take a nice peaceful nap....and never wake up.
To accomplish this grand finale, I have to attend to my shorter range goals tweaking and adjusting as I see results I like from those I don't like.

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  1. A few points:
    1) This blog looks great! Your photo looks nice on the page too, and humanizes it.

    2) Love your 120th birthday outlook!

    3) The goalsetting stuff really works... I have so many things coming together now I can hardly keep up with it... We have our first two (small) games launching in June --- just the beginning of big things to come --- but even that was quite a hurdle considering the sheer QUANTITY of work (from an entire crew of people) that goes into even the smallest of software projects...

    Anyhow, enjoying your blog.