Friday, November 20, 2009

How to reverse Cardiovascular disease

How to reverse Cardiovascular disease

by Randy Cox

Cardiovascular disease is just a fancy word for heart disease. Cardiovascular diseases are any diseases that involve the deterioration of the heart or blood vessels. Mostly it refers to atherosclerosis.

If you are reading this, something has caused you concern. If you are lucky, you are taking an interest long before you have developed any serious cardiovascular disease complications. If you are not so lucky, at least you have come to the right place.

Victims of cardiovascular disease can reverse the process.

In the United States cardiovascular disease is so common it has become a major industry. Cardiologists, vascular surgeons, thoracic surgeons, , neurologists and interventional radiologists cash in on the problem.

Most of these doctors, including my own, will tell you there is no cure and the best you can hope for is to slow the process long enough for you to live a nice life.

In 1956 at a Cardiovascular convention, several German doctors announced that they had examined the bodies of thousands of prisoners who had died in the concentration camps, but found no sign of cardiovascular disease.

Your body, though crippled with fatty substance, clogged veins, and hardened arteries can rejuvenate itself completely.

Toward the end of the World War II, fatty food was in short supply in Nazi Germany, and in the camps virtually none of the prisoners were allowed such luxury. Obesity was non-existent. The victims had exhausted all the fat deposits in their bodies.

In the 1956 International Congress on Arteriosclerosis, Pathologists examining the bodies of those who died afterwards reported the absence of fatty deposits, even in older people. Atherosclerotic fatty deposits had disappeared in the arteries of both the heart and the brain. All fat had been absorbed.

The poor souls at the camps had lots of problems, but cardiovascular disease apparently was not one of them.

Your blood can flow freely again!

Every year more and more countries report increasing cases of cardiovascular disease. In America more people die from heart disease than from cancer. It is the number one killer in America and Europe.

A few people have inherited constitutions capable of adapting to the insane American diet by using only the what fat they need, then harmlessly discarding the rest. Most of us do not fare so well. If you stop doing bad things to your body and form new healthy habits, you can reverse the process that is killing you and making you feel so poorly.

You can be vibrantly healthy!.

It is no secret that Americans are overweight. We love fried foods, fat filled diary products and all manor of fatty foods. We also can afford as much as we can eat, and demonstrate very little discipline to not indulge.

You can have energy like you never had before!

By the time you discover you have a problem, atherosclerosis is usually advanced to the point of causing problems. You can continue to do all the things that brought you to this point, or you can reverse the risk factors with healthy eating, exercise, fresh air in place of smoke, deep relaxed breathing, zero stress, and a happy fun-filled lifestyle.

The Choice is Yours!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Long Horn-Honkers

Long Horn-Honkers!

by Randy R Cox

Long horn-honkers are people who wield the horn on an automobile like it was a weapon. They press hard enough on the button to crush the skull of the other driver if the hands were there. Some really long horn-honkers use both hands as if wrapped around the other person's throat.

The horn was only designed to warn another motorist or pedestrian of a possible hazard.

You watch someone backing up and there is an object the other driver can’t see…you honk your horn. If your brakes fail at an intersection, you honk your horn and hope for the best as you sail through.

One driver drifts from his lane a bit; another driver touches his horn to alert the first driver there is a small problem. A driver’s mind wanders as he waits for a traffic light to turn green, the driver behind him taps his horn slightly to put him back on course.

Proper use of the horn can save lives and property.

You see someone on the road that you know, or you want to hurry someone you are waiting for, you might tap the horn lightly. It might not be approved use by your manufacturer’s handbook, but the world probably won’t end if you do this on rare occasion.

These things are usually not a problem to other drivers, but some driver’s are more poisonous than others. Like a rattlesnake uses his rattle to warn others of the danger they present, some drivers use the horn to warn before they strike.

It is an outburst of rage, audio terrorism. It is a venting of anger so severe, the long horn-blower might actually explode if the pressure relief of the horn wasn’t available. Car bombers and Camel-kazi terrorists probably all demonstrated the sign of their inevitable violent act of destruction by first pressing their auto horns so hard and so long as to shatter windows nearby.

Doctors recognize long horn-honking as an early symptom of dangerous psychotic behavior. Long horn-honkers require immediate physical restraint, observation and careful treatment in institutions of mental dysfunction. Other symptoms associated with this illness include a cramping of the muscles of the hand which cause all fingers but the middle one to curl back toward the palm. Facial muscles, during an attack, may twist up the face baring teeth like a dog ready to bite. The eyes often glare and pierce with intent to kill.

The best a normal human can do is avoid these anti-social ticking bombs. If we are caught in inescapable situations, there is one tactic that sometimes interrupts the pattern of the psychopath long enough to avoid inevitable homicide.

The target of hostility can act as if the crazed driver is simply trying to say, “hello!” If one meets the the challenge of the upthrust finger as a greeting rather than a threat, it confuses the mentally challenged road criminal. The target can catch the eye of the long horn-honker, wink, smile and wave with friendly sincerity. The more the finger pokes; the more robust and friendly the wave returned.

Being a bit more inclined to accidently pull in front of people, fall asleep at traffic signals, and attract the crazies like flowers draw bees, I am forced to use this technique a little more often than your normal driver. As the angry long horn-honker tries to make it clear that his is not a friendly gesture…I perservere. The more the other guy shakes his digit and mouths words of obscenity about my mother, the more I smile and wave. Eventually the road rage behind the finger is fully spent. The highway terrorist almost gives up in frustration and simply waves back weakly.

Randy R. Cox

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Making America a Better Place!

by Randy Cox

Yesterday I wrote an article pointing out how America was something great getting worse. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I often say I’d rather be a part of something bad that is getting better than something good that is getting worse.

That does not mean I’d rather not be part of America. America is the greatest political experiment the world has ever known. I only want America to get better. America was never perfect, but she was great enough to serve as a model for the world.

I’m not ready to let her go.

So how do we make America, or the world for that matter, a better place?

All we have to do, all we can do is make that part that we stand upon better than it was. All we have to do is pay attention to those around us and do for them as we wish someone had done for us when we were in trouble.

There are massive charities we can and do give money to. These are good, but  we can do so much more. 

When we give to the large institutions we seldom see the results close to our feet. Sometimes we learn that much of the money that was given never  reached those who need it. Lots of these old institutions have highly paid employees that suck up the donations for themselves.

Some institutions have fancy charity events that sound really good in the newspapers, but in reality mostly serve the participants. When our art Gallery, Touch of Texas was  active in the N. Texas community we were a part of a lot of black tie affairs that were lots of fun to attend.

Sometimes there were auctions where we and other more well to do people could get really good bargins. The evenings were filled with high priced entertainment, gourmet food, networking opportunities, and often a chance to take home luxury items for pennies on the dollar. The cause always contributed a little money to something worthy, but too many times the real volume of cash was consumed by the party.

Is this the way to make America a better place?

I know a true story about  two blue collar workers who worked side by side for several months. These two guys came to know each other pretty well.

One of these guys was a good manager of money; the other not so good. One did not live from paycheck to paycheck while the other found himself in a situation that demanded he find $600 or suffer an irreversible loss.

Out of desperation, the worker with the problem asked the other for a loan.

The good manager was not a rich person, just a steady worker and prudent manager of money. He considered giving  loan but couldn’t see how it could ever be paid it back.

How could either of these guys make their world a better place?

The worker with savings just gave his associate the $600. “I don’t want you to pay me back,” he said. “It wouldn’t really solve your problem if you had to worry about paying it back. Just pay it forward to someone else, someday, when you can afford to do so!”

If you help those who are right in front of you and ask nothing in return from them except for them to help others in a similar fashion, you will be changing the earth you stand upon.

You can start a chain reaction of good things that will have far reaching effects. Your part of the world will be better! You’ll be better. The people you help will be better. It is that easy!

Try it!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lies From Ft. Hood!
by Randy Cox
I don't want to make too much of this, but yesterday we were all shocked when told of the horrible deaths at Ft. Hood. Shortly after the first confusion, Lt. Gen. Robert Cone stepped forward to tell us several details, one of which was that the shooter was dead. It was good that a calm voice appeared in control. The nation needed assurance and we got it.
A little while later we were told the President was going to speak.
We waited...and waited...then finally the President appeared on the podium. The wait for presidential leadership was reminescent of 9/11, only substantially a much less threating ordeal. When Obama finally appeared, he attended to the previously scheduled business first, while America waited.
After the niceites of the occasion, thanking the hosts, and some forgetable and inappropriate lighthearted statement he finally got around to the business we were waiting for.
This whole thing seemed like Dejavu cica 9-11. Remember the blank look in Bush's eye and the delay before he responded.
Later we find out the shooter is not dead as we were told, but alive.
Maybe I'm the fool that saw the emperor was naked...and said so, but something seems wrong. America is so accustomed to being told lies that none of the talking heads are talking about the initial lie.
I don't know why I should be surprised; the talking heads have been missing the point, distorting the truth and even fabricating stories for so long it seems normal. Does anyone remember when missle parts were seized in transit to the Middle East during the Iraq War. We were told that North Korea was the shipper. That was not true, but it suited the purposes of the situation to condemn North Korea.
Weeks later, we learned the shipment was from Pakistan, but they were our ally, so our elite leadership, changed the facts. Nobody seems to care about the truth! Well, the problem with a liar is that once you know how easily they twist the truth, you never know what to believe.
America is asking questions about the event at Ft. Hood. We are getting some answers and we are hearing about some pretty heroic actions. I love it when American heroes are even more brave in reality than they are in the movies.
Only problem is....I remember other lies we were told that turned out to not be true. Remember Jessica Lynch! She was a hero, for sure, but not in the sensational way that some led us to believe. Being the true hero she was, she told the whole truth at her first opportunity.
I want to believe what our government tells us, but I can't stop thinking about the previous lies. I keep thinking about the things I heard and believed, then learned were just not true.
We have new leadership, but it doesn't seem that much has changed. The rich keep screwing up and getting rewarded for it. Working Americans keep working harder and getting paid less. We all seem to accept the lies as if they were truth without any correction.
The problems we face as a nation are not easy ones. The first step, I believe, is to demand truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the help us God!