Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best Selling Posters: Why Use Best Selling Posters to Decorate

You've spent a fortune in money and time developing your fine art collection. Why would you want to mix cheap,best selling posters in with expensive colectibles? Simple! Fine art can overpower your living enviornment.

The images of fine art are so strong they can dominate the mood of your domicile. The object of collecting art is to control your enviornment, not let it control you. Inexpensive poster art can lighten up you living space with images that keep you in tune with the times.

Fine art especially expensive dead artists connect you with the past. That is good. Most of the great things we have today came from the past, but not everything. Some things new are also good. The well balanced person wants to have a firm foundation in the past, but a readiness to move into the future, to experience the best that it has to offer, even if it is only good for the moment.

Not everyone can afford to collect expensive fine art, but everyone can afford posters.

A trick some of our patrons used was to sprinkle a few large metal frames around the casual living areas of their homes, gamerooms, places like that. They would size the frame to match the wall and furniture. Then they would put a smaller best selling type poster on top of the mat board with gummy o's at the corners. When the poster's time was up or something newer caught their fancy, they would keep the frame but replace the poster.

It could be a favorite movie, a recent sports event, a new hero--adventure or politic. It could be a fad or hobby that brings light to your life. You can bet that all of these things will have inspired a poster.

Celebrate the interests you have, while you have them. That is getting the most out of life. When your interest moves on, out with the old; in with the new! Keep the frame; change the poster.

If you see a poster you like while visting those quaint little shops in the quaint little places you explore while on adventure. Get it! Celebrate your interest and your adventure.

If you have a bit of trouble finding what you want. Check out our affiliate All Posters. They have over 500,000 posters to choose from. You can definitely find what you want here.

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