Monday, June 21, 2010

Lieberman's Control of the Internet

Randy Cox

Joe Lieberman wants to control the internet. No, Joe! Keep your hands off the net!

You and I are getting old, Joe. Old men sometimes simper and fear. We don't have to fall into that trap. We have the strength of our heritage to keep us standing erect and proud. A couple of hundred years ago, our forefathers fought for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Freedom: Eagle

Freedom is strong, Joe, not weak. We can endure the speech of those we don't agree with. We are not China!

Drop your bill, Joe. It is bad for us. Lusting after the special interest dollars, you guys in Congress have sold out to big media. We had controls in place to protect us from monopoly in the media, but you guys scrapped the protection. The big media gets bigger and bigger and the small voices are blown away.

The internet is the protection of the little guy! If Big Brother steps on us, we can complain. We can expose. We can't always trust the big media to tell our story, but we can tell it on the net.

I'm so sorry, Joe, if that bothers you. If you want a tight net; go run for the Senate in China. They understand simpering old men like you. They understand control freaks. They just don't understand freedom.

Right now, there are non-big media journalists hiding from Government stormtroopers. I understand they have pictures of an American helicopter killing children. Guys like you fear the truth. You are afraid that truth will weaken our effort.

Freedom of the Press

Wrong Joe! Truth will set us free. That's a quote from your scripture and mine. You are afraid truth will threaten our security. Wrong Joe. If our military is doing bad things, we need to know about it. If it is appropriate to the course of war, we are strong enough to know that.  If it is not, then it is our strength to correct it.  That's the way it works.  It is the way that made us the greatest country on earth.

If the little people are so weak that we can't deal with truth, then the whole
American Experiment is a lie. The truth is not the danger; the danger is men and women in high places losing faith in both our system as designed by our forefathers and the people of our nation.

Some may feel that the internet poses new dangers not known in the early days of our nation. Wrong! The rank and file citizen of early America printed handbills expressing their opinions about the abuses of the King and the King's army. The handbill was the media of their day as the blog is the media of our day.

Trust the rank and file.

Some citizens may join your march to control the internet. When you justified torture, you had people that agreed with you. You didn't tell them how our fathers and grandfathers fought off the Nazi without the official sanction of torture. You let them believe the primitive terrorist of today is more of a threat to the world than Hitler.

Sorry, Joe, but you of all people should know how dangerous was the Third Reich. Tell your frightened followers how our grandfathers maintained their humanity and conquered the Hun at the same time.

Joe, while my father fought the Japanese, my mother visited German POW's and taught them the difference between Americans and Nazi. You dishonor Americans like my mother with your fear mongering. Those German POW's went back to their homeland with a vision of American goodness. It was the basis for the New Germany.

All of that was done officially within the rules of the Geneva Convention...and we won! That is the strength of old school American character. No sooner than we started torture in Iraq, the resistance began to grow. That is what happens when the good guys go bad. Bad guys don't win in the long run.

Now, you want to use the same fear that brought us torture to scare us into giving up the strength of the internet.

No, Joe! I say No! I say no to you, and I say no to those who follow you blindly.

I am not afraid of our enemy. We are stronger than they. We are better than they.
If you and your sheep have your way, we will be more like the enemy and less like America.  Stop trying to make America like the worst of nations.  We are the greatest of nations.  We are great because we say No to people that want to lower our standards.

No, Joe! No! No! No!

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  1. This has been the goal of this administration from day one to slowly take our liberties away. Look at all the things they have done so far. They have czar for everthing and have slowly taken things away and used the smoke and mirrors of free stuff for the uneducated to make them go along with it.