Saturday, December 12, 2009

Quantum Rainbows...Quantum Jumping

by Randy Cox
Quantum Rainbow…quantum jumping! What is that? Tonight I stumbled upon a number of threads and websites concerning something Burt Goldman calls“Quantum Jumping”. It was difficult to grasp until the rainbow concept helped me understand what it was all about.

Some believe men have an exponentially larger reality than what we perceive from our own limited perspective. This theory has it that at each juncture of a man’s life, he faces many choices.

A Newtonian view sees a man’s life in a linear fashion with the choice made and the man continuing on to the next choice, the man defined by all his past choices.

Quantum theory, however, allows for the possibility for all probabilities. Imagine that at each turn in the road the man would split and travel all possible directions. Each different probability would become its own reality. Each man would be an infinite sum of realities.

If this were true then as the man ambled along, his total reality would grow to gigantic proportions. Multiply that by all the men, and other creatures, and add all the movements of inorganic objects having multiple probabilities, the concept of that kind of universe is staggering.

The Newtonian concept of a single man traveling through time from birth to death is miniscule compared to the Quantum view.

Quantum jumping is a technique used by the “enlightened” Newtonian man, trapped in a life consequential to his choices, to get in touch with his alter realities. A Quantum jumper will imagine himself jumping, temporarily, from his Newtonian single dimension to one of the infinite other dimensions of his choice.

Suppose through poor choices a man finds himself homeless and addicted to wine. In theory, he could pick some version of himself he would rather be, like maybe the lawyer he might have been had he not dropped out of high school.

By getting in touch with his other self, the quantum man might hope to get a better insight into how he could make a future choice that might lead to a more favorable life than the wino reality.

If these quantum probabilities do exist, it should be possible for one to consult with the other. After all, they are the same person, just existing in different realities. It should be no harder than for the Newtonian man to talk to himself weighing different choices within his single linear reality before he actually makes one and moves on.

At first, it would appear that these infinite different choices would split the man and separate him from his other realities, especially as they travel in different spaces. How could they all still be the same man?

As I viewed a picture of a full rainbow on the internet, and remembered once chasing a partial rainbow in West Texas, I suddenly saw the quantum man as a quantum rainbow.

As I drove from Amarillo to Dallas years ago a storm followed us. It was not large. Sometimes it was in front of us, sometimes to our rear. One minute it would rain to the left,the next minute it would rain to the right. At the end of this strange storm a partial rainbow appeared.

We followed the rainbow for several miles. It seemed to travel at exactly the same speed as we did. Sometimes it would be larger, sometimes smaller.

At one point it made a perfect complete half-circle rainbow. It was one of the largest full rainbows I’d ever witnessed.

From my Newtonian perspective, the rainbow I saw moved with me, fast or slow. I couldn’t catch it, pass it, or lose it. It seemed like a simple half arc of color, but really it was everywhere. Of course, a rainbow is light falling upon millions of droplets of mist, each bending the light and projecting a color. Relative to a man it is an arc, but relative to all perspectives it would be many rainbows over a far larger area that the Newtonian man could see.

The quantum man is like the quantum rainbow. From the perspective of the single dimension we live in, man is a simple individual composite of his choices and linear movement in space. From the quantum perspective, a man is all possibilities, multilayers and existing over the full area of which all his probabilites have traveled in space.

The quantum man is like the quantum rainbow.

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