Friday, December 4, 2009

Adsense Makes Cents!

by Randy Cox

Adsense is a hot topic! As the economy spirals downward, many people are rushing to bury their head in the sand. Those who don’t like the taste of dirt have discovered Adsense.

As everybody knows, Adsense is Google’s program to share ad revenue with anyone who has a website. Why not?

It is a new day in communication. We are no longer bound to the choice of one or two television channels, whichever radio station comes in best, or a couple of local newspapers.

At the beginning of civilization news and information was carried over the grape vine, one voice at a time. With the invention of the telegraph and then the vacuum tube, we used information brokers to spread the news faster.

Today, it has come full circle and information is carried voice by voice, or website by website, once again. Everyone with a website has a gateway to the world. If we can tell our story or illustrate it in an attractive or unusual manner, we can have the eye of the world in a moment. Adsense is our opportunity to monetize our communication.

In America, the visionary is no longer to be found. At the beginning of our nation, we were driven by lofty ideas such as individual freedom, social contract, free enterprise, universal literacy, equal opportunity, and manifest destiny.

Gone are the long term plans. We’ve been to the moon, already! A few years ago we had the Super Collider, but we lost interest in the 60 mile tunnel and cancelled it. Not only were our leaders bored with the whole matter, but they filled it in with rocks just in case the vision returned in a better generation.

As we lose jobs one by one, the only hope offered seems to be Adsense. If we listen to the infomercial we don’t need a job, we can make millions with our website. Google doesn’t make these promises; Google just wants to give the little guy and the big guy an equal opportunity.

Adsense is a great idea, but it isn’t going to replace jobs or forward thinking. America, and the world, needs new long term ideas. Google is doing its part, but the rest of us need to step up to the plate with real solutions. Current leadership is dull and lacking.

Our old leaders can’t stop picking at each other long enough to come up with a workable plan to make anything better. If you have a really big idea, the kind our forefathers had daily, now is the time to “bring it on!”

All you have to do is publish your earth changing idea on your website. Adsense can make you rich and give others a chance to sell their products as the world accepts a new vision for the future.

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