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Art Posters Change Your World


Randy R Cox

Art Posters  change your world in ways you may never have imagined.  Art poster prints are a great way to defineyour own space. I’ve preached for years that the world doesn’t ask us what we want to look at as we travel through the streets, but at home we get to choose. I’ve created, collected, and shared fine art with others for years. I’ve sold a few posters, but I just never thought of posters as a way to change your world.

Marilyn Monroe, c.1954

Marilyn Monroe, c.1954

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We just added as an affiliate. Now, our main website, earthimpressions offers a choice of over 500,000 posters. I was so amazed at the selection that I spent a couple of hours plugging various subjects into the search box to see what they had. When it comes to posters, they have it all.

Fine art prints and originals are still a great way to personalize space, but they are very expensive and tend to hang around longer than your taste for them might endure. With a poster, you can choose something whimsical and timely. When you tire of it, you can give it to a friend or to a stranger and make a new friend. For yourself, you buy a new one to suit your current mood and taste...

There are so many art posters to choose from. There are old posters, vintage posters and abstract posters. There are advertising posters which are really cool for old products, and there are fine art posters. Sometimes advertising and fine art combine as in the case of Andy Warhol.

If your home and office is decorated with powerful majestic images, a few posters mixed in can lighten up the space and give the soul some room to breathe. Original art is often heavy and takes itself very seriously. Posters take us back down to earth, and that is an important concern for us at earthimpressions.

I can’t believe I haven’t paid more attention to art posters over of the years. They are fun! I feel like I’ve wasted a good part of my life missing the opportunity to enjoy this accessible art form.

In just a few minutes of browsing the search window, I’ve seen movie posters, antique posters, band posters, baseball posters, basketball posters, and hockey posters. Of course, for summer fun there are beach posters.

Twilight - New Moon

Twilight - New Moon


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If you are getting frown lines on your face, consider humor posters. Do a search for humor posters or funny posters and pick something that makes you laugh. Frame it and hang where it is the first thing you see when you step into your home. Enjoy it until it no longer soothes the frown lines, then give it away and invest in a new one.

If you work out and plan to live a full 120 years like I do, pick out an anatomy poster and display it t where you exercise so you can learn the names of all those muscles you work so hard to reveal as you melt off that fat.

Deep Muscular System of the Back of the Body

Deep Muscular System of the Back of the Body

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I know you are in a hurry to get whatever you need to do done, but let me take one more opportunity to remind you that the world doesn’t care what you look at as you travel from one place to another. The world gives you trash, ugly buildings, ugly cars, and ugly people doing ugly things to each other.

At home, and to some degree, at your workplace, you get to choose. If you live in ugly surroundings, it’s your own fault. The fine art I’ve sold for years is very expensive, but very rarely does anyone come back after spending a lot of money on something I talked them into (I was always upgrading customers to the next level) and tell me they regretted spending it. Once acquired, fine art is just too rewarding to regret.

Now, with posters even the most modest budget can afford beauty. The greatest paintings from the most exclusive museums are available in poster form for very low cost. Do yourself a favor. Find something and begin to build a home environment that makes you feel good. You deserve it!

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