Sunday, January 24, 2010

Miracle Survivor in Haiti

Randy R Cox

As rescue workers leave,  a miracle survivor in Haiti was pulled from the rubble yesterday, 11 days after the quake.  22 year old Wismond Exantus Jean-Pierre  was deep beneath concrete and wooden wreckage of a hotel grocery store.

He survived the intital quake by diving under a desk.  In the days that followed, he visualized a revelation that he would survive.  He managed to find cola, beer and cookies for sustenance.

Shortly after his rescue, the miracle survivor in Haiti was shot in the back by Haitian police.  Taking food from a grocery store is considered looting.  Looters are shot!

Of course, the 11th day miracle survivor wasn't really shot.  I just wrote that to make a point!

He did salvage food from a grocery store, but he was greeted as a hero with a strong will to live.  The day before a couple of men on the street were shot by police for looting.  They were carrying large bags of rice when the police saw them and acted swiftly.

Whether one is a hero or a criminal depends upon timing.  Had the two men who were shot been allowed to carry that rice back to their neighbors, they might have been interviewed on CNN as heros for feeding their starving neighbors.  Instead they may be dead--looters, criminals of the worst lot.

Since 9-11, we no longer have time for due process.  Terrorists and looters don't have rights.  The two looters shot in Haiti were not in America, and the miracle survivor wasn't shot at all.  I hear and read the terms looter every evening on the news.  People are starving and sometimes they find food. 

We sit upon our couches and decide the heros from the criminals.  It only takes us 20 seconds.

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  1. Very happy to hear about the survivor...maybe there are still some survivors somewhere...who knows???