Friday, November 6, 2009

Lies From Ft. Hood!
by Randy Cox
I don't want to make too much of this, but yesterday we were all shocked when told of the horrible deaths at Ft. Hood. Shortly after the first confusion, Lt. Gen. Robert Cone stepped forward to tell us several details, one of which was that the shooter was dead. It was good that a calm voice appeared in control. The nation needed assurance and we got it.
A little while later we were told the President was going to speak.
We waited...and waited...then finally the President appeared on the podium. The wait for presidential leadership was reminescent of 9/11, only substantially a much less threating ordeal. When Obama finally appeared, he attended to the previously scheduled business first, while America waited.
After the niceites of the occasion, thanking the hosts, and some forgetable and inappropriate lighthearted statement he finally got around to the business we were waiting for.
This whole thing seemed like Dejavu cica 9-11. Remember the blank look in Bush's eye and the delay before he responded.
Later we find out the shooter is not dead as we were told, but alive.
Maybe I'm the fool that saw the emperor was naked...and said so, but something seems wrong. America is so accustomed to being told lies that none of the talking heads are talking about the initial lie.
I don't know why I should be surprised; the talking heads have been missing the point, distorting the truth and even fabricating stories for so long it seems normal. Does anyone remember when missle parts were seized in transit to the Middle East during the Iraq War. We were told that North Korea was the shipper. That was not true, but it suited the purposes of the situation to condemn North Korea.
Weeks later, we learned the shipment was from Pakistan, but they were our ally, so our elite leadership, changed the facts. Nobody seems to care about the truth! Well, the problem with a liar is that once you know how easily they twist the truth, you never know what to believe.
America is asking questions about the event at Ft. Hood. We are getting some answers and we are hearing about some pretty heroic actions. I love it when American heroes are even more brave in reality than they are in the movies.
Only problem is....I remember other lies we were told that turned out to not be true. Remember Jessica Lynch! She was a hero, for sure, but not in the sensational way that some led us to believe. Being the true hero she was, she told the whole truth at her first opportunity.
I want to believe what our government tells us, but I can't stop thinking about the previous lies. I keep thinking about the things I heard and believed, then learned were just not true.
We have new leadership, but it doesn't seem that much has changed. The rich keep screwing up and getting rewarded for it. Working Americans keep working harder and getting paid less. We all seem to accept the lies as if they were truth without any correction.
The problems we face as a nation are not easy ones. The first step, I believe, is to demand truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the help us God!

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