Saturday, November 7, 2009

Making America a Better Place!

by Randy Cox

Yesterday I wrote an article pointing out how America was something great getting worse. If you know me personally, you’ll know that I often say I’d rather be a part of something bad that is getting better than something good that is getting worse.

That does not mean I’d rather not be part of America. America is the greatest political experiment the world has ever known. I only want America to get better. America was never perfect, but she was great enough to serve as a model for the world.

I’m not ready to let her go.

So how do we make America, or the world for that matter, a better place?

All we have to do, all we can do is make that part that we stand upon better than it was. All we have to do is pay attention to those around us and do for them as we wish someone had done for us when we were in trouble.

There are massive charities we can and do give money to. These are good, but  we can do so much more. 

When we give to the large institutions we seldom see the results close to our feet. Sometimes we learn that much of the money that was given never  reached those who need it. Lots of these old institutions have highly paid employees that suck up the donations for themselves.

Some institutions have fancy charity events that sound really good in the newspapers, but in reality mostly serve the participants. When our art Gallery, Touch of Texas was  active in the N. Texas community we were a part of a lot of black tie affairs that were lots of fun to attend.

Sometimes there were auctions where we and other more well to do people could get really good bargins. The evenings were filled with high priced entertainment, gourmet food, networking opportunities, and often a chance to take home luxury items for pennies on the dollar. The cause always contributed a little money to something worthy, but too many times the real volume of cash was consumed by the party.

Is this the way to make America a better place?

I know a true story about  two blue collar workers who worked side by side for several months. These two guys came to know each other pretty well.

One of these guys was a good manager of money; the other not so good. One did not live from paycheck to paycheck while the other found himself in a situation that demanded he find $600 or suffer an irreversible loss.

Out of desperation, the worker with the problem asked the other for a loan.

The good manager was not a rich person, just a steady worker and prudent manager of money. He considered giving  loan but couldn’t see how it could ever be paid it back.

How could either of these guys make their world a better place?

The worker with savings just gave his associate the $600. “I don’t want you to pay me back,” he said. “It wouldn’t really solve your problem if you had to worry about paying it back. Just pay it forward to someone else, someday, when you can afford to do so!”

If you help those who are right in front of you and ask nothing in return from them except for them to help others in a similar fashion, you will be changing the earth you stand upon.

You can start a chain reaction of good things that will have far reaching effects. Your part of the world will be better! You’ll be better. The people you help will be better. It is that easy!

Try it!

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